Just how to run it

You can simply run the script by invoking run.sh file
It just goes to the EpgDownloader's directory and runs it.

Maxemum TV-Guide Integration

Maxemum TV-Guide is an application which is able to read xmltv file and show it in more usefull way. It has an autoupdate functionality which gives a chance to invoke EpgDownloader. To do that you need to configure both apps. In Maxemum TV-Guide you need to set two options in Preferences -> Updates. The first one is the xmltv file location and the second is the Update Command. Xmltv file location should be the one we set in EpgDownloader's config.xml file and the Update Command should contain path to run.sh script. The last thing is to push 'Update Now...' button.


You could use crontab to automate schedule downloading. Following example (added to your /etc/crontab file) fill run EpgDownloader every day at 7:30 as user 'user'.
30 7 * * * user /video/epgdownloader/run.sh
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