EpgDownloader's configuration is kept in xml files to make it as clear and simple as possible. Xml standard should also provide easy way to write graphic configuration tool.


This file provides main configuration for EpgDownloader and for its plugins as well. It is divided into sections and each one has its own options. The common config is kept in 'MAIN' section. Plugin's sections are named as the plugins itself. SECTION tag has only a 'NAME' attrbute. OPTION tags have 'NAME', 'VALUE' and 'DESCR'. The last one is for desription and should only provide a hint (has only informative purpose).
Example file:
<CONFIG> <SECTION NAME="MAIN"> <OPTION NAME="CHANNELS_FILE" VALUE="channels.xml" DESCR="path to channels xml file" /> <OPTION NAME="PLUGINS_DIR" VALUE="plugins" DESCR="path to plugins directory" /> </SECTION> <SECTION NAME="WP"> <OPTION NAME="DAYS" VALUE="7" DESCR="number of days to import schedule for" /> </SECTION> <SECTION NAME="xmltv"> <OPTION NAME="OUTPUT_FILE" VALUE="xmltv.xml" DESCR="XMLTV outpu file name" /> <OPTION NAME="HEADER_ENCODING" VALUE="ISO-8859-2" DESCR="XMLTV output file header encoding" /> <OPTION NAME="TIMEZONE" VALUE="+0100" DESCR="GMT offset for timezone" /> </SECTION> <SECTION NAME="vdr"> <OPTION NAME="CHANNELS_CONF" VALUE="/video/channels.conf" DESCR="Video Disk Recorder channels configuration file" /> <OPTION NAME="OUTPUT_FILE" VALUE="epg.data" DESCR="Video Disk Recorder epg.data output file" /> <OPTION NAME="START_EPISODE_ID" VALUE="1" /> </SECTION> </CONFIG>
This example config.xml file defines two MAIN options and a few ones for WP, xmltv and vdr plugins.


This file defines what should be get from import plugins and saved to other formats with export plugins. Each plugin should have a list of available channels ready to paste to the channels.xml file. Some of them should even have scripts (in its scripts directory) to generate such lists (very usefull in case of websites import, where channel lists often changes).
IMPORT and EXPORT tags represents import and export plugins. Both have NAME, CHANNEL and DESCR attributes. NAME stands for plugin's name and DESCR has only informative purpose. CHANEL is the name of the channel used in given plugin. For some plugins, like xmltv, you can give it a custom name.
Example file:
<CHANNELS> <IMPORT NAME="WP" CHANNEL="CANAL+" DESCR="http://tv.wp.pl/program.html?T%5Bstation%5D=13"> <EXPORT NAME="xmltv" CHANNEL="CANAL+" /> <EXPORT NAME="vdr" CHANNEL="CANAL+;CYFRA +" /> </IMPORT> <IMPORT NAME="WP" CHANNEL="CANAL+ Film" DESCR="http://tv.wp.pl/program.html?T%5Bstation%5D=179"> <EXPORT NAME="xmltv" CHANNEL="CANAL+ FILM" /> <EXPORT NAME="vdr" CHANNEL="CANAL+ FILM;CYFRA +" /> </IMPORT> <IMPORT NAME="WP" CHANNEL="HBO" DESCR="http://tv.wp.pl/program.html?T%5Bstation%5D=14"> <EXPORT NAME="xmltv" CHANNEL="HBO" /> </IMPORT> <IMPORT NAME="WP" CHANNEL="HBO 2" DESCR="http://tv.wp.pl/program.html?T%5Bstation%5D=201"> <EXPORT NAME="xmltv" CHANNEL="HB0 2" /> </IMPORT> <IMPORT NAME="TvMovieDe" CHANNEL="MTV" DESCR="38"> <EXPORT NAME="xmltv" CHANNEL="MTV" /> </IMPORT> </CHANNELS>
With this example channels.xml file you are able to download tv guide from tv.wp.pl website for four channels and from TV Movie.de for one and save it all as an xmltv file and two of it in epg.data format.
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